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Our 80th Anniversary Banquet 
by President Bill Graham VE3ETK

Saturday October 26th 2002, fifty seven people gathered at the Transylvania Club in Kitchener to celebrate the 80th Anniversary of the Kitchener Waterloo Amateur Radio Club.  The fellowship hour started at 1800 hours, and what a wonderful display of Amateur Radio memorabilia there was.  Pictures and articles and clipping from the early years, a working hand built radio from the clubs Two Meter project of many years back, and an electronic 'slide show' of early equipment and events in the club's history.  I know that there simply wasn't enough time for me to look at it all.

At 1900 Hrs, John Enns VE3AIM, who was our MC for the evening (and what a great MC he was, smoothly guiding the event over the inevitable bumps and hurdles) called the Banquet to order.  This was followed by the introduction of the head table, and then a remembrance of those members who became Silent Keys in the last year.

Since we had jumped the gun a bit on the kitchen we had a few door prize draws.  The first was a splendid Grundig portable short-wave radio, which was supplied by our guest speaker and his sponsor.  The winner was Bill Riddell VE3WFR.  I wish I could recall all of the folks that won door prizes, but I'm hoping the pictures will help cover that.  There were door prizes from beautiful shawls for the ladies through lovely coffee table books to spike protectors for the ham shacks.  These draws went on through the evening.

Grace was offered by John Enns, followed by a toast to the Queen, then we launched in to a most delicious 'all you could eat' meal of two meats, vegetables, salad and ….., well, I was so busy eating I don't remember - I just know it was very enjoyable, topped off by great pie for desert.

During the meal, members were invited to the microphone to relate little stories that recalled 'A Proud Day in my Hobby' - some serious, some humorous, all revealing the great fellowship and wonderful adventures that make up our hobby. Bob (Doc) Barton VE3FVF is shown here addressing the group.  Each presenter made a draw and the door prizes continued.

Our guest speaker was Winston Seeney VE3WFS.  I wish I could have captured his entire presentation, but those in attendance were given a series of vignettes of Winston's experiences during his life, from the early days of radio and on into his amateur days.  A most funny event was when he created a shopping cart mobile while in another country.  A touching story to conclude his presentation was how ham radio had helped a critically ill relative recover through the efforts of fellow hams.  I think he touched us all with events we could all relate to and which put our 80 years into focus.

The awards committee were next on the agenda.

Amateur of the Year

The Awards section of the banquet saw Amateur of the year award go to Paul Cassel VE3SY for his dedication to the club over the past years. 

Ben VA3BNY made the presentation to Paul

Field Day Award

The awards committee made a fitting change to the Field Day award recognizing the years of service made by Eileen and Hubbie Stumpf in providing “Food That Really Schmecks” (chillie and home made tarts) over the past 20 years

Ben VA3BNY made the presentation on behalf of Jonathan Doll VE3CBX this years FD coordinator

The President’s Award

Past President Dennis Tabbert VA3DLT recognized the untiring efforts of Mary Riddell VE3MWE for her years of collecting and submitting Zehr’s tapes to raise money for club projects.  Due to failing eyesight this is Mary’s last year at this project and she is looking for a volunteer to take this worth while project over.

  There are thanks due to many people for giving us a fine 80th Anniversary event.  Some may be missed in this list with no intent to leave you out.  If you helped in any way and are missed, please accept our thanks.  Marg Cassel VE3RE, for the original idea and all the start up planning.  Paul Cassel VE3SY  for picking up the load and turning it into a wonderful event.  Bob Abell VE3XM for handling ticket sales.  John Enns VE3AIM for being an excellent MC.  Ben VA3BNY and Dave VA3MRJ for taking pictures.  Dave Allen VE3DUA, and Bob Pelling VE3XMB for handling the reception table.  Hammond Radio for a bunch of the door prizes.  And thanks to all who brought in memorabilia for the displays.

The banquet was a superb way to mark 80 years.  We must not leave it so long until the next one.  Those who did not make it missed a wonderful experience in amateur radio fellowship.

                                 Banquet 2002 Photos                              

Len Morris VE3FJB, Harold Braun VE3DWH, Gord Mogk VE3DPB and Ted Bodman VE3CD share some old KWARC memories from the 60s

Carol Little VE3IYY was one of the YL’s prize winners.  MC John VE3AIM makes presentation
The Baden crew of John VE3SJV and wife Lynda accompanied by Belinda and Tedd DodaVE3TJD.  The Doda’s were the first couple to purchase Banquet tickets as soon as they were available
Dennis and Gord check out the original KWARC prototype

57 members and guests enjoyed a wonderful evening of fellowship, great food and a humorous look at our hobby by Winston Seeney

Marg VE3BLJ (RE) and Jean Gimbel VE3CBQ remind the members that in 1972 women were not allowed to attend the annual banquet.

Thanks to Ben  VA3BNY and Dave VA3MRJ for the photos