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The History Project
Started in 1982, KWARC commenced on documenting comments and memories from early club members. View this progress of this project.

RSO Code Practice
KWARC member Lloyd Ferns VE3BZF provided hundreds of hours of code practice sponsored by the former radio Society of Ontario.

1996 Field Day
The 1996 Field Day was held at the Laurel Creek Conservation Area in North Waterloo. Ben, VE3BNY shot video which was used to create this page.

1971 Field Day
The 1971 Field Day was held atop the Chicopee Ski Club hill in East Kitchener. This was a tremendous VHF site but was only average for HF. Winners were 20 phone with Doug Campbell and Lloyd Ferns and Bob Davies at the controls.

Photos for ID
This series of photos have some info for them with additional data being sought. Please take a look and offer your input.

KWARC encourages it's club members and other hams around the world who may have any early photos, artifacts or any memorabilia of those early radio years in KW so that current and future generations can enjoy the early state-of-the-art years.

To start our Electronic History collection, here are a number of KWARC historical photos submitted by several members for inclusion. While the 1996 Field Day can hardly be called historical, the photos are still interesting and will be history down the road.

The Announcement
We had originally thought that the Kitchener Waterloo Radio Amateur Club was formed in April 1946 . At that time the Clubs Secretary Treasurer was Earl Stickney VE3QW (sk) who wrote the Canadian Amateur Radio Operators Association newsletter editor informing him of the new officers. A copy of that letter follows.  However recent detective work lets us believe that KWARC really had our "Small Beginnings" in at least 1923.  The 1923 Government of Canada Callbook shows the callsign 3ABA was assigned to the Kitchener and Waterloo Radio Club.

The club is currently seeking out any information on this early call. If anyone has any info on this call please drop a line to webmaster@kwarc.org . We would greatly appreciate any info regardless of how insignificant you may feel it is.

The following is Earl's 1946 letter to the Canadian Amateur Radio Operators Association (CAROA):

    Apr 20,1946 
    The C.A.R.O.A., 
    46 Dunvegan Rd., 
    Toronto 12, Ont. 
    Attention: -T.G.E. Powell - VE3ZE 
                Editor-in-Chief "XTAL" 
    Dear OM, 
    The following information is forwarded to you 
    for your perusal and listing in XTAL Club 
    The K/W Radio Amateur Club held an election of 
    officers recently with the following being 
    elected for the year 1946-7. 
      President N.A. Friedmann VE3HM 
      Vice-President N.A.Good VE3CY 
      Sec-Treas E.S. Stickney VE3QW 
      Chairman of Technical Committee 
      A. Chapman VE3AHM 
    With best wishes to the officers of "XTAL" 
    and may C.A.R.O.A. continue to grow. 
    yours truly, 73's 
    E. Stickney, VE3QW 
    183 King St N., 
    Waterloo, Ont., 

If anyone can offer corrections or updates to any text, please drop your History Editor a line at webmaster@kwarc.org.

Most files have numerous photos and will take an extended download. The total download size is listed beside each choice. But HEY!  It's worth the wait.

Paul Cassel VE3SY
Editor and Webmaster


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