From Small Beginnings

A Brief History of the Guelph,
Kitchener-Waterloo and 
South Waterloo Amateur Radio Clubs.

Produced by the Kitchener-Waterloo Amateur Radio Club.

photo goes here Bill Near
89 Mill Street
Acton, Ont.L7J 1H5

First and current Call: VE3ACB

7 September 1982.

Dear Ross:

Wish that I could be of more help to you and the questionnaire. I know that Gord McPhail, VE3IH, is working on the history of the Guelph club. I'm sure you already know about this. He might help you.

I'm not all that old but am having a heck of a time recalling people's last names. It gets a bit embarrassing at times. For sure, among those who went to the Progressive Radio Club in the post war years, I remember from Galt - Blackie Taylor, Con Gorth and Bill Barrie; from Kitchener - Bill Wight, Norm Friedmann, Newt Good, Earl Stickney, Hubert Stumpf; from Hespeler - Stan Jackson. Incidentally after Stan Passed away, I bought his Drake TR-4; still works FB. I see by the log it has been with me 10 years.

From Guelph - Fred Hammond, Fred Holm, Ralph Bartlett, Gord MacPhail and more that I am sorry I cannot recall at the moment! My apologies to any that I've missed. Sorry to say that some of the above are Silent Keys. Also a very dear pal John Davidson, VE3BGN, Acton, who died April 1949.

I recall the Progressive R.C. first attempt at Field Day. We met near 24 Highway , diagonally from where the old drive-in theatre was located (Eagle Street). They called the location Clearview Heights. Funny thing about that FD was that there must have been 15 - 20 rigs, and most of them were 19 sets.! I can still hear the genemotors whine; they ran off batteries.

Ross, I wish you luck in piecing together your history of these two radio clubs. With a bit of help from some other old timers, I'm sure things will work out for you. I have been licenced since April 1, 1936; haven't gotten around to joining QC Club - seems to me there are too many clubs, etc. to join these days, and am trying to cut down on joining clubs unless I can attend the meetings. Am even getting tired of some endless business meetings, church, radio club, fraternal etc. which can be a bore.

73 and CUL
Bill Near VE3ACB
Hope this hasn't been too confusing; guess my age is giving me away in all this rambling.

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