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The weather at VE3KSR
Brought to you by WWPUG and KWARC (News) (Info)  (More local weather)

It seems we've entered another period of instability with respect to the wind readings and sometimes even the temperature. Please bear with us as we attempt to rectify the problems.

Last report:May 28 1:55 Eastern (via
Temperature:17.5C (63.5F) Humidity: 79.7%
Rain:today: 0.00 cm (0.00 in), long term: 3.61 cm (1.42 in)
Barometer:101.57 kPa (rose 0.07 in last 3 hours)

Highs and lows:YesterdayToday
High temperature: 23.1C at 15:35 18.9C at 0:25
Low temperature: 12.8C at 4:15 16.8C at 1:10
Maximum wind gust: 17 km/h at 19:10 0 km/h at 0:00
Highest humidex: 27.4C at 14:00 21.8C at 0:40

  Graphs of recent weather observations:
(Temperature(C) Barometer(kPa) Humidity(%) Wind(km/h) Rain(cm))
(Color of word=color of line, color of unit=color of scale to read)

The Waterloo Wellington Packet Users Group (WWPUG) with the assistance of KWARC has installed a Peet Ultimeter 2000 automated weather station at the VE3KSR APRS digipeater site on the Baden hill located between Petersburg and Baden, Ontario. The data telemetry is beaconed on the VHF APRS network where it is gatewayed to the internet (by the server identified at the end of the 'Last report' line), then received and decoded by a process running on this server.

The VE3KSR site located at the CKCO-TV trasmitter site on Baden Hill

Other resources for local weather conditions and forecasts:
University of Waterloo Automated weather station
O Canada
Kitchener-Waterloo observations and forecast
Radar loop
The Weather Network Kitchener conditions and forecast
Now in Java
Michigan Radar loop (Most of the time, southern Ontario weather arrives via Michigan)
U.S. radar loop

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