Users of this site, like those on all other online swap sites these days, are always being targetted by fraud artists. These people pirate callsigns to set up tables and post ads for high-end, large-dollar items at low prices (but not so low as to be immmediately suspicious). They are only interested in getting your money and don't even have the gear. Usually the text of their listings are copied from other forums like QRZ because they wouldn't know how to write the ad themselves. I try to weed those out but cannot guarantee I get them all.

There are also criminals who are not registered who will respond to want-ads offering a tempting deal on just what you're looking for just to get your money. I am personally aware of hams here who have lost, collectively, well over $10,000 to this type of fraud and those are just the ones who admitted it to me. I don't like to hear such stories so DON'T BECOME THE NEXT VICTIM!.

Don't let your enthusiasm let you drop your guard! I shouldn't have to say this but not everyone you meet on the internet is who they say they are and have good intentions - especially when money is involved.

Some tips: Sorry if this makes some legitimate listings look suspicious, but that's just the way it is now - life's hard and then you die. Its your money and any legitimate seller should be happy to comply to satisfy all doubts.

Here's more reading on fraud in general from the Canadian Anti -Fraud Centre and about scams targeting the ham community from QRZ and QTH.