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 The Fleamarket Photos

Here are a series of photos taken over the years at the Central Ontario Fleamarket held in Guelph, Kitchener and now Fergus.   All names are listed L-R and if stacked, then from back to front.

Thanks to Baxter Smith VE3BFX for the photos and to Baxter VE3BFX,  Bill VE3AUJ and Herb VE3BZU for identifying the faces.

2001 Kitchener-Guelph Fleamarket at Fergus
    L-R: Mike VE3AO, Joe VE3ABG, Herb VE3BZU, Fred VE3KU, missing VE3CUB, Casey VE3HFO, and Paul VE3SY (behind camera)

The 2001 Smiths Falls Fleamarket
    L-R: Fred VE3KU, Baxter VE3BFX, Herb VE3BZU,
Ralph VE3BBM, Lui VE3CUB

Central Ontario Fleamarket 1985 Guelph Ontario
: Charlie VE3ODF, Joe VE3GAS, Roy VE3EG, Cornie WD8PYE, Herb VE3BZU,
    Jack VE3AFN, Jack VE3UQ, Larry W2KKT, Blackie VE3ABZ, Sandy VE3AHW,
    Fred VE3HC, Fred VE3KU, Bill VE3AUJ, John VE3AAQ, Norm VE3AEF,
   Terry VE3MFR, Ellis VE3VV,  Johnathan VE3CBX

                        Central Ontario Fleamarket 1986 Guelph, Ontario
      L-R: Jonathan VE3CBX,  Charlie VE3OXU, Herb VE3BZU,   Cornie WD8PYE,
      Fred VE3KU, ??, Patty VE3MK, Bill VE3AUJ, Larry W2KKT, Cort VE3AZ, 
     Eric VE3CTP, Baxter VE3BFX, Sandy VE3AHW, Brian VE3BIE(XA),
     Terry VE3MFR, Jack VE3GED, Ron VE3BE, Steve VE3AMM,
     Charlie VE3ODF  

June 4, 1994 Bingeman Park  
Dean VE3BIA, VE3WU, VE3BIE, Larry W2KKT, Fred VE3HC,
Fran VE3FDJ, Mike VE3AO, Fred VE3KU, Shawn VE3PSV, Ron VE3AMW,
Charlie VE3ODF, Herb VE3BZU, Bill VE3AUJ, Jack VE3UQ, Chris VE3CF,
Terry VE3MFR, Jack VE3GED

    Central Ontario Fleamarket 1989 Bingeman Park Kitchener
   L-R: Roy VE3EG, Charlie VE3ODF, Frank VE3FDJ, Larry W2KKT, Murray VE3IXR,
   Hans VE3MLL, Steve VE3AMM, Jack VE3UQ,  ?? , Fred VE3HC, Ron VE3ORP,
   Herb VE3BZU, Grant VE3IVU, Bill VE3AUJ, Fred VE3FYR, Erine VE3CS,
   Brian VE3BIE,  Ray VE3EVM, Bill VE3BM, Charlie VE3OXU, Puss VE3DDS,
   Jack VE3GED, Dean VE3BIA, John VE3AAQ, Cort VE3AZ  

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