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The 10 GHz and Up Home Page

By Steve Kavanagh VE3SMA

Growing interest in operation on 10, 24 GHz has led me to develop a central resource for those just getting started as well as those wishing to advance into narrow band and or 24 ghz experimentation.

Each year, there are two contest weekends dedicated to 10 GHz and above. The first being the 2nd weekend in August and the second being during the third weekend in September.  This is a great time to tag along and see 10g and up in action.

In the meantime, here are a few articles on 10 and 24 g operation

73 Steve VE3SMA

An Introduction to 10 GHz Wide Band in Ontario
a primer on 10GHz by Steve VE3SMA

An Introduction to 24 GHz
a paper  by Steve VE3SMA

SHF Contesting and links 

My 24 GHz Rig by VE3VXO