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Do not list items that are not related to amateur radio!
All listings come to the administration as soon as you post them and if the item is off-topic then it just creates work for me to log in, delete it and (maybe) send you an email about it. So just don't create the extra workload. Obviously amateur radios, antenna gear and related accessories are OK, as are power supplies, test equipment, etc. Auto parts, cameras and computers (unless it contains an IRLP board - hihi) and the kind of stuff you find on Kijiji are not. You get the idea... use common sense.

Delete your 'sold' items!
Who are you trying to impress? No one wants to see your listings that are no longer for sale taking up space. If you don't want to lose the text in case the deal falls through, then hide the listing by changing the status to 'expired' (you can 'reactivate' it if need be). I'm serious here... if I see a listing updated with 'SOLD', I will log in and 'expire' it.

If you're here to make an inconsequential change hoping that will bump you to the top of the results, let me save us all the trouble... There is nothing you can do to bump your table until it has been at least 3 calendar days (plus an additional day for each 10 items on your table) since you were last at the top of the results.

To modify the contents of your table at the SwapShop, you must enter the callsign you used when setting up the table and the current password.

Callsign: Password:

If you have forgotten the password to your table, enter your callsign above, leave the password blank, click the Forgot my table password button below and it will be emailed to the last known email address if one was defined.

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