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Welcome! You're probably here because you're interested in buying or selling some good used ham radio gear. Before you think about letting go of your hard earned money, please educate yourself about online fraud. You can start with my Online SwapShop Safety Tips and there are some more links to follow there. Have fun but be safe!

SCAM ALERT: Its happening often enough that I need to post a warning. Three times now, a pirate has contacted a user about a want posted here, offering an 'estate sale' radio at a nice price - twice as VA7DND, most recently as VE7XNC (the real VE7XNC has a QRZ.COM page). Each time the phone number given was 604-262-7194 (a VOIP number from Iristel forwarding who-knows-where). Please ignore such contact (or play with him a while over email if you'd like a bit of fun). He'll probably just move on to a new callsign so be very cautious about anything expensive you are offered in response to a want that you post.

Update 09-March-2017: Scammer is now using VE7RRB. I've spoken to the real VE7RRB and he's not selling any radios. The scammer offered one of our users a KPA500/KAT500 combo at a stupid-low price. During the conversation, the user got the following ripped-off image with fake QSL card photo from the perp (the base image is an altered screenshot from a YouTube video by K6OZY - same table, manual to the right, Flex-3000 to the left - and the QSL card is obviously a photoshopped-in computer-generated generic). BEWARE!

Update 11-March-2017: He's now trying it with a faked-up screenshot taken from a YouTube 'Kenwood TS990 UnBoxing and Basic Review' video, altering the image of the power-on screen that should look similar to this to look like he has customised the radio with his own callsign (but its the same blue shirt and video camera reflected in the main LCD as the originator, I'll leave it to you to figure out what else is wrong).

This is getting pretty damn sophisticated so its fair to assume that anything is now fair game and you should not take anything you are shown at face-value.

Suspected fraud using callsign VA2ADL On April 27 there was an attempt to register using callsign VA2ADL. It was rejected due to failing several sniff-tests. The initial listing would have been for a Flex 6300 so if you are offered this or anything similar from someone claiming to be VA2ADL be very, very careful. Please note that he may just change to a new callsign so there is no circumstance where you should not be very, very careful about potential online fraud.

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If you are looking for something or just to browse, you can:

  • search the inventory of items for sale
  • add a 'wanted' listing to a table you have already registered here
  • set up a new table to register and list the want on it.

If you have something to sell, you can:

  • check the list of wants to see if someone is waiting just for you
  • add a 'for sale' listing to a table you have already registered here
  • set up a new table to register and list the item on it.

Use this link to update listings on your table. If you've sold or found something you listed, everyone would appreciate it if you remove the stale listing from your table.

Disclaimer: KWARC and IGS assume no liability for the value, condition, delivery or payment of goods or services bought or sold through this service.

By continuing to use this service, you agree to abide by its terms of service as may be listed on various pages and updated from time to time.

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