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Items are searchable by callsign, owner, manufacturer, model, description and location. Enter as few or as many keywords as you want. If you leave a field blank, it does not place any restriction on that field. To list everything, leave all fields blank and just click on the `Search items for sale` button to show everything listed in the period given in the first box.

You can restrict your search to a specific area (equivalent to the Canadian province or territory callsign prefix assignment by Industry Canada). You can further restrict the search to a specific location that may be near you. To do this, first click the 'Populate city list' button and the page will be refreshed with a dropdown of the locations within the selected area where listings exist that also satisfy all the other search criteria that has been entered. Then select the location of interest from that dropdown and click the 'Search items for sale' button to perform the actual search.

Show items listed in the last days where:

'callsign' contains
'and name' contains
'and manufacturer' contains
and 'model number' contains
and 'description' contains and
and callsign area is

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