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Download WinPack 6.5x

WinPack provides a full-featured Windows 3.x Windows 95/98 interface to use with your TNC.

WinPack has full support for handling personal mail and reading bulletins, including automatic connection to your local BBS. It can use the FBB unproto message beacons, compressed download and compressed forwarding. It also supports auto 7+ encode and decode.

WinPack is authored and supported by Roger Barker, G4IDE who distributes WinPack as shareware. While it will operate without registering, non-registered users will be annoyed with frequent splash screens that must be cancelled. The registration fee is only 10 ukp (UK pounds).

Download WinPack

Roger also provides info and drivers to use WinPack with the Baycom TNC.

CLICK HERE for the Baycom info.