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In order to set up your virtual table, we need to know a little about you. Complete the following form and read the 'Rules & Regs' after the form.

If you've had a table with us before, use the Modify my table page.

Note: Due to increasing fraudulent activity, all new tables now have to be approved by the site administration before any items listed will appear on the search result pages. If your registration details appear legitimate, this process may take only a short time (depending on the availability of the administrator) but if not you may be contacted to prove your legitimacy. If your registration includes hallmarks of past fraudulent registrations, you may simply be ignored.

I report fraud.

If you attempt to use this site to perpetrate fraud, I will gather as much evidence as I can and report it to the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre.

Callsign: (required: this is your SwapShop user ID, maximum length 8 characters)

Contact information:

Your name (required)
Email address
Phone number (include area-code if not 519)
Note: a telephone number is now mandatory for initial verification purposes. You can remove it again on the next page (before your table is approved and becomes visible) but it is required to be available with the registration information for verification purposes by the administrator.
(Adds a hyperlink to your site where you can have pictures)
City (required)
Province/state (required, use your two character postal abbreviation)

A password of your own creation is required to allow you (and only you) to access your table.

Password: (6-20 characters)

WRITE IT DOWN! I don't want gazillions of 'I forgot my password, can you reset it?' requests.

Rules & Regs:

Your callsign is used as your identifier. Therefore you must be a licenced radio amateur to list at the KWARC SwapShop. Its a tough life, but that's the way it is on a free service - I make the rules!
Please use the Industry Canada format - just letters and numbers, no spaces or dashes. (I squeeze out anything that is not a letter, number or '/' anyway and also convert to uppercase)
There is a limit of one table per person. If you have multiple callsigns, pick one. Periodically, I will review the registrations to eliminate dupes.
Further to the above, usage is restricted to transactions between private individuals for the exchange of used radio-related only equipment. Listings of a business nature may only rarely be allowed at the sole discretion of the proprietor. Advertising of store inventory will never be allowed - there are more appropriate places to do that and its not what the users look for here. Basically, if the government would want to collect tax (whether you do or not) you can't list it here.
Listings automatically expire after 4 weeks unless renewed, which resets the clock on the item for another 4 weeks. Listings which are automatically expired are kept in the database for a further 4 weeks so you may come back and reactivate the listing within this period.
Limited use of HTML within a listing is allowed - primarily to link to an image on a third-party site. If you get obnoxious with this, or you mess up the page, I will modify or delete it.
The management of KWARC SwapShop reserves the right to delete or modify without notice any listing based on appropriateness, taste and relevance to amateur radio. Abusers stand a good chance of going in the blacklist and will never be able to post here again.

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